Being different was touted as the best way to be successful in business. Nowadays it takes way more than that. It’s great that so many companies are springing up, but it also makes finding a unique difference a lot harder.

Our primary function here at Chandris is to train and educate our seafarers and equip them with the right skills, attitude and behavior to enable them to perform effectively in the realization of any kind of vision or objective. Our aim of the continuous training is to refresh and increase the knowledge of our seafarers on current maritime affairs, who in turn convert the experience gained into No Pollution Incidents, No Accidents, Excellent results during shipboard Audits / Inspections as well as cost-effective trading. Company’s ongoing commitment is to advance the level of training and as a result, the standards of awareness and performance of all personnel.

We work in an environment that’s ideal for those who want to bring their ideas to life and learn continuously from people who pioneer the shipping industry. One of our key responsibilities is to encourage growth and career development of our employees by coaching and by helping them achieve their personal goals. This can be proved through the high retention rate of personnel employed by the Company.

There are enough unique small or big shipping companies out there that just being different isn’t enough to guarantee success. CHANDRIS (HELLAS) INC, is simply Outstanding.

“If you want to stand out, don’t be different, be Outstanding”

  • Always operate within design and environmental limits
  • Always operate in a safe and controlled condition
  • Always ensure safety devices are in place and functioning
  • Always follow safe working practices and procedures
  • Always meet or exceed customer’s requirements
  • Always maintain integrity of dedicated systems
  • Always comply with all applicable rules and regulations
  • Always address abnormal conditions
  • Always follow written procedures for high-risk or unusual situations
  • Always invlolve the right people in decisions that affect procedures and equipment